Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble

The Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble was created in 1982, in Vaja. The founding members were young players in Vaja, who wished to foster the “kuruc” traditions of their settlement through this form also. In that period the activity was patronised by the General Cultural Centre. Their performances soon made their name and they have started to be invited to celebrations of national red letter days and commemorative events.

Members of the ensemble are: Csaba Nagy, Attila Dani, Zoltán Veress

The seat of the ensemble and also the location of their rehearsals is the „Vay Ádám” Museum. Preparation for their performances include: compiling the programme, rehearsing, acquisition of new pieces.

They are regular performers of the annual Rákóczi celebrations in Borsi, Vaja, Köröm, Tiszaújlak and on the plain of Majtény. As a result of their growing acknowledgement their invitations take them to an increasingly wide area in Hungary. (Sárospatak, Miskolc, Cegléd, Budapest, Zalakaros, Zalaegerszeg, Hévíz, Csesznek…)
Out of the stage appearance abroad, the most outstanding is their contribution to the Rákóczi celebrations in Paris and at programmes organised on the historic territory of former Hungary: Beregszász, Kassa, Késmárk, Krasznahorka, Munkács, Nagyenyed, Rozsnyó, Szatmár etc.

The members of the Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble are invited also to have individual performances at festive or clerical events.

The members of the Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble formulated the Rákóczi Tárogató Association in 1992, and since then the ensemble is active within the framework of the association.