Csaba Nagy

Csaba Nagy is an artist of the tárogató and the founding president of the Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble.

His affection for the instrument began in 1972, when he was a student at the “Bessenyei György” Teacher training College, Nyíregyháza, majoring in history, singing and music. His outstanding professor of folk music, Lajos Dancs called his attention to a noted and skilled folk artist of the tárogató. Csaba Nagy described this musician’s ability for varying and ornamenting melodies as the theme for his essay at the National Conference of Students. He won the first prize. The head of the Jury was Bálint Sárosi.

He has a degree as teacher of clarinet from the Debrecen section of the “Liszt Ferenc” Academy of Music, where he was a student of László Horváth.

Csaba Nagy aimed at widening the rather narrow literature of tárogató. At his concerts he introduces the music of the time in the court of Chieftain Ferenc Rákóczi II, at noble courts and in the military camps of the “kuruc” warriors.

The Hungarian Radio prepared musical recordings with him on several occasions. His recordings at the Hungaroton Company (1990, 1992, 2006) are obtainable. He is invited to concerts all over the country. He holds the view that each and every concert is important for him, be it in the Congress Centre in front of several thousands of people or in the church of a small village with a population of only a few hundred people. As for the international scene his major activity is concentrated mostly in Europe, although he had been invited to Canada and Japan two times.

He deems it of outstanding importance to provide a realistic picture of the instrument for adult and child equally. His concerts and performances have been attended by numerous students in- and outside Hungary. His activities in achieving the honourable titles for the tárogató (outstanding national value, Hungarikum) were numerous. His pupils include Péter Makó and Zoltán Erdő, who have made their name among the new generation of tárogató player artists. As President of the Rákóczi Tárogató Association he organizes national and international meetings, holds concerts and presentations. As worded by a journalist: „Csaba Nagy is protector and missionary to the tárogató”.