4th Tárogató World Congress
June 30 – July 11 2010
/ preliminary programme /


Venue: Vaja, Vay Ádám Museum, Reformed church
Participants: from all regions of Hungary (Magyarország) including the historic territory of former Hungary./Transylvania, Upperland, Subcarpathia, Southern-land /
From the countries of Europe: - Austrian, British, Czech, French, German, Rumanian, Slovakian and Swiss tárogató players will be  arriving.
From overseas:  USA.


Presenters: scientific researchers, performing artists from home and abroad and other noted representatives of  areas related to the tárogató.



June 30. 16h ceremonial opening  

The representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the President of the Presidium of County Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, Mr. Sándor Tisza, the Mayor of the town of Vaja.

Opening of exhibitions, celebratory concert.


July 1,2,3 professional programmes, concerts

Scientific presentations, the performance of music illustrating the possibilities of the tárogató. Presentations by tárogató makers of their instruments, concerts by artists from home and abroad. Courses led by well- known performers on the tárogató in various musical styles. The World Congress will provide an opportunity for  all tárogató  players present to introduce themselves. Tárogató-concerts will be held in neighbouring towns and villages. Exibitions combined with concerts will take place in Tokaj and Sárospatak.

July 4 – 11 The tour of the International Ensemble of Tárogató Players composed from the participants of the World Congress. The members of the international ensemble will give performances at the historic spots including some of the  most outstanding touristic attractions of Hungary.


The number of participants at the 4th World Congress of Tárogató Players will be cca. 150.
Accommodation: Vaja, Entrance building, Small Castle.
              Baktalórántháza, - the dormitory of the Agricultural Technical School (Mezőgazdasági iskola kollégiuma)
Meals: Vaja, canteen of the Primary School

Organizers of the 4th World Congress of Tárogató Players and responsible for the programme is  the Rákóczi Tárogató Egyesület (Rákóczi Tárogató Association).
References of Rákóczi Tárogató Egyesület:
Base: 4562 Vaja, Damjanich street 75    / Vay Ádám Museum /
President of the Association: Nagy Csaba                  www.tarogatocenter.hu
Tel/fax: 42/437-046,  Mobil: 30/279-8452  E-mail: tarogatocenter@t-online.hu



4th World Congress of Tárogató Players

Detailed programme


June 30 (Wednesday) 

13.00 – 16.00 Arrival, registration at Vay Ádám Castle Museum, occupying accommodation facilites

16.00  The Congress will be opened by:

Mr.Botond Elekes, Head of the Cabinet for the Cultural State Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources

Mr. Oszkár Seszták, the President of the Presidium of the County Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg

Mr. Ferenc Koncz, the Vice-president of the Presidium of the County Borsod- Abaúj-Zemplén

Mr. Sándor Tisza, the Mayor of the town of Vaja 


Concert by the participating players at the World Congress


Wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of Vay Ádám


17.30 Opening of exhibitions

The events of the Rákóczi War of Independence on postcards and stamps

The exhibition is arranged by: Mr. Miklós Lezsák 

Opened by: Dr. Kálmán Mészáros historian

18.30 Dinner

20.00 Concert

,, … Fegyverek között hallgatnak a múzsák … ’’(Among weapons the  muses are mute)

The musical literature of freedom fights from Turkish times to 1848

Kecskés ensemble



July 1 (Thursday)

7.30 - 8.30 Breakfast

8.30   Fanfare music, Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemle

       Greeting, an introduction to the  Vay Ádám Museum

       Mr. Sándor Molnár director

9.00   The events of the Rákóczi War of Independence at Vaja

       Dr. Kálmán Mészáros historian


9.30   Irish folk music on  the tárogató

       Dr. J. Robert Moore / USA /


10.00 New results in the research on the tárogató

       Dr. János Pap, Mr. András Szigeti


10.30 Break


11.00 Display by Tárogató makers, mouth-piece makers  

Mr. Béla Agócs from the Upperland, Mr. Pál Gregus from Baja, Mr. József Tóth, Mr. János Barcza and Mr. János Grúber from Budapest, Mr. Gábor Csehovics from Fulókércs, Mr. Sava Nicolae from Romania.  News about tárogatós made in Canada and Germany.


12.00 Joint rehearsal by all attending tárogató players


12.30 Lunch


13.30  Along the path with the tárogató

       Mr. Paul Woolley / Germany /


14.00 The folklore of the tárogató in the Upper Land / Palóc region

       Mr. Gergely Agócs 


14.30 Tárogató players from Nagybánya, Szatmár, Bistrita / Romania /

       Mr. Cristian Totpati, Mr. Ionce Vasile, Mr. Ovidiu Cozma, Mr. Sava Nicolae


15.00 Break


15.30 Jazz music and  folk music at a crossing point

       Mr. Mihály Borbély, Mr. Miklós Lukács


16.30 Introduction and sales of Musical notes

       Mr. István Borsós, Ms. Ágnes Lukács


17.00 Assembly, report on the activity of the Association

       Mr. Csaba Nagy


18.00 Dinner


19.00 Concert by tárogató ensembles

       Budapesti Tárogató Klub, Rákóczi Tárogató Ensemble,  

Makó Péter – Tóth József duó, Kiskun tárogatósok


22.00 Tower music – farewell for the day



July 2 (Friday)

7.30 – 8.30 Breakfast


8.30 Humor in music

       Dr. János Pap


9.30 The development of tárogató-repertoire in Great-Britain

       Dr. Marc Naylor / England /


10.00 Music for tárogató and strings

       Mr. Pál Dsupin


10.45 Break


11.15 Pupil and Master of the Tárogató playing together from the Academy of Music

       Mr. Balázs Cserta and Mr. Attila Csávás


11.45 The music of centuries on tárogató

          Barvich trió


12.15 Joint rehearsal by all attending tárogató players


13.00 Lunch


14.00 Romanian folk music on tárogató

       Mr. Dumitru Farkas


15.00 Break

15.30 Master classes  led by attending tárogató artists

16.30 A tárogató player from California

       Mr. Clark Welsh / USA /

17.00 The faces of the tárogató 

       Mr. László Kiss Gy., Mr. Péter Árendás, Mr. András Lelkes

18.00 Dinner

18.45 Travelling to the venue of chamber concerts  

19.30 Concert and displaying of the tárogató at 5 venues

          Baktalórántháza, Pusztadobos, Őr, Nyírmada, Rohod

21.00 Folkmusic and dance in the yard of the castle

22.00 Tower music – farewell for the day


July3 (Saturday) 

7.30 – 8.30 Breakfast

8.30 French music ont he  tárogató, Mr. Philippe Dourneau

9.00 Czech melodies ont he  tárogató,  Mr. Petr Vyslouzil

9.30 Introduction of new CD recordings ,  Mr. Sándor Agócs

10.00 Break

10.30 Individual introduction by members of the Rákóczi Tárogató Association

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Excursion to Tokaj and Sárospatak

15.00 Tokaj, tárogató concert in the Synagogue

16.00 Start to Sárospatak

18.00 Sárospatak, tárogató concert in the yard of the Rákóczi castle

19.30 The relationship between the tárogató and the wine of Tokaj

Presentation and wine-tasting in the Szegi cellar

20.00 Dinner

23.00 Vaja – Castle, A little night-music

24.00 Tower music – farewell for the day


July 4. (Sunday)

7.30 – 8.30 Breakfast

Those travelling by train will be taken  to Nyíregyháza. 



The concert tour of the International Tárogató Ensemble

July 4 - 11


4. (Sunday)

15.00 Gombaszög, folkmusic gala - opening

18.00 Aggtelek, Cave


5. (Monday)

16.00 Rozsnyó, Catholic church

17.00 Rozsnyó, Fire-tower-music

20.30 Lucska, Church-ruins


6. (Tuesday)

18.00 Gyöngyöspata, Tower music

19.00 Gyöngyöspata, Catholic church


7. (Wednesday)

19.00 Budapest, the Artillery Hall at the Military History Museum


8. (Thursday)

19.00 Nagyharsány, Reformed church


9. (Friday)

18.00 Pécs, Franciscan church

19.30 Kuruc feast in the yard of the  Minaret restaurant


10. (Saturday)

        14.00 Zirc, Három-hegy

19.00 Csesznek, Castle


11. (Sunday)

        19.00 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy stage